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Smoking Marijuana

Dr. Loretta Standley

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q Dear Dr. Standley: (Smoking Marijuana)

I enjoy your website very much. I enjoy smoking marijuana once in a while in the sanctity of my home. I have found that it helps me to relax and reflect on my day or whatever may be going on in my life that needs looking at so to speak. I consider myself a responsible adult who loves and takes very good care of his family. I work hard everyday and pay my own way through life hard as that may be at times. I enjoy the outdoors and nature very much and also have a strong belief in God.

I would never thrust my ideas about marijuana on anyone as I believe that people should come to their own conclusions regarding it's use. I do feel that a responsible adult should be able to use it recreationally in the privacy of their home without the fear or reprisals of the law or governing body, be it on a state or federal level.

I little over a year ago I was arrested for cultivation (for my own use only) as the result of a "friend " who found themselves in trouble and decided it was easier to give me up rather than take their medicine. Now I am on probation and subject to random urin test. The cutoff level of my testing is 50 nanograms. If I smoked a little bit now and then say two or three times a week and very small amounts at that, would it raise the level of nanograms to the amoung needed to show a positive result on a test? Would frequent urination remove the metabolites from my body thus keeping the level in a saftey zone so to speak? I would appreciate any input you may have on this. Thank you very much and God Bless!

No Name
No Location

a Dear No Name:

Sorry it took so long to respond to your e-mail. I appreciate the kind words about the website.

Even though you smoke marijuana "in the sanctity" of your home, it still does not make it legal or right or okay. To me -- this is a common stamp of approval that I just do not agree with.

Further, you do not have to justify to me that you are a Good person or that your heart is Good (I'm sure you are and I believe you) in order to justify smoking marijuana.

If you aren't hurting anyone, it should be okay? You're hurting yourself!

You may think you aren't hurting anyone, but I think you are depriving yourself of all you can be "on your own" and you are also depriving anyone else of enjoying all of you, the real you or all you can be . . . with what God gave you. You never take yourself down alone; you always take someone with you (those who Love you.)

-- Killing a person is illegal, and doing it in the sanctity of your home does not justify it.

-- PCP is illegal, and doing it in the sanctity of your home does not justify it.

-- Child abuse is illegal, and doing it in the sanctity of your home does not justify it.

-- Rape is illegal, and doing it in the sanctity of your home does not justify it.

I once had a woman ask me to suggest an herb to her that would help her abort her baby. My question to her was, "What is it about me that makes you think that I would help you abort your baby? Please tell me what it is, so I can stop doing it."

Our feelings on this issue are completely opposite and that is to be expected on any various issues. But the fact remains. It's still against the law (a law that most of us adhere to) and you're hurting yourself.

Further, blaming your friend for your arrest is something else you might want to look at, not to mention your willingness to risk a violation of your probation.

I pray the only way I can help you, is to ask you to stop choosing to "check-out-of-life" and face it head on like the rest of us.

A bajillion blessings to you

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FOLLOW-UPq Dr. Standley: (Smoking Marijuana Rebuttal)

I have read the Article on Smoking Marijuana.

I am NOT saying that Everybody should use it. I am just saying that I am "with" the person who wrote the piece on "Smoking in the Privacy of Your Own Home". I am ALL for it. I like to come home after a long day at work. And Burn One. Yes. Marijuana Might be bad for you. But Look at Everything else that is Bad for you. Your Food now these days will Kill You. Sex will Kill You. But you don't see anybody giving that up. And we Still Consume the very same things that is bad for us.

I come from a Spazzmatical Family.

Yes. I smoke alittle marijuana myself. And Yes. I can get ahold of any type of Sedative that will help calm or relax me. I just choose to "smoke". And I Refuse to feel Degraded about my Smoking. I am not hurting anyone. I do Not get Violent. I do Not go out and Commit Crimes. I am Single. I have No Children. I choose to be that way.

I do have Family that I Do spend time with. And No I do NOT take away from them or myself just because I enjoy smoking.

Someone needs to Listen to the "People". It is Not just People who is Suffering from Cancer that Enjoys Marijuana's benefits. Some of "us" who Smoke Might Not can afford to go to a Doctor for our Depression. Anxiety. Moodiness. Etc.

I am not saying Promote the use of Marijuana. Like Advertisements are doing for Alcohol. Why doesn't somebody just listen to us for a change,instead of degrading us?

No Name
No Location

FOLLOW-UPa Dear No Name:

Thank you for the e-mail.

Please remember that e-mail does not reflect tone in a person's voice. This e-mail is being written in a "gentle tone."

Interesting perspective, but the fact remains, marijuana is illegal for those to which it is "not" prescribed.

It is my opinion that a person cannot be degraded unless of course they believe what is being said. Now someone may "try" to degrade another person, but they can only "be" degraded if they believe it.

I always say, "If you don't buy it, you don't own it." That includes buying the comments of others.

So I'm a little confused here . . . I tried reading your e-mail several times with an extra accent on all the capitalized words, which leads me to this thought . . . I'm not sure if you care what others think or if you don't care what others think.

I hear you . . . I'm listening . . . but I still don't agree with you and it certainly doesn't mean that you are being degraded because someone doesn't agree with you.

It simply means, I don't agree.

And after it's all said and done . . . it's still illegal.

A Bazillion Blessings~ Dr. Standley

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FOLLOW-UPq Dr. Standley: (Smoking Marijuana)

I was just reading a couple of questions to you, and your response to smoking Marijauna.

I agree with your view, smoking it in the privacy of your home does not make it legal. I have enough problems thinking with a clear head and have never found a need to look to drugs for comfort or relief. I have, however, married a recovering alcoholic who has been attending AA for 20 years. He tells me that he attends AA so he doesn't drink - and he is sober so that part of the program is working. He believes in a higher power and, as far as I can tell, works on a lot of character defects that are associated with alcoholism. He does smoke pot though. I can always tell when he is back at it again and then he goes through a holier than thou stage and tells me he has risen above it and gets very upset with me when I don't share his enthuasiam. When I find he is doing it again I will sometimes call him on it and then he denies it and tells me I am crazy.

I have two boys from a prior marriage and we have two children. I have shared my views on drinking and doing drugs with the kids (28, 26, 15, 14) and I believe it is a choice, one I prefer they didn't make (so far they have'nt). I am also a firm believer in the English language and have always encouraged my children to speak appropriately without swearing otherwise they sound uneducated, among other things. My husband swears (although it is not as much as when we first got married). I also believe that it would not be in my children's best interest to tell them that smoking, drugs and swearing are bad and that people that do it are bad, as I don't want them to think that I believe their father is a bad person, I just want them to know that there are better choices.

When I read the questions from the pot smoker and his spouse, I felt they were looking for approval for their decision and trying to find a level of comfort in their habit based on a scale of right and wrong (they aren't pedafiles, murderers or other so called bad people). You must have an opinion on what smoking pot does to a person or how it affects their aura (for lack of a better term). I had read somewhere that drugs create a high by lowering negative energy. These highs are similar to what a person might experience in a religious setting. The difference is that the user is not entitled to the highs they create using drugs and they are not earned which in turn create a debt. As a result they want more and more of this feeling that they stole.

When I have had surgery and they gave me a needle to relax me I feel as though I could forgive everyone, but after the surgery the great feeling that I had prior to the experience is short lived and the reality sets in, along with nausia. This is what I think drug use must be like. The drugs used in my surgery were not unnecessary and were used for a specific purpose, as I believe marijaunia can be (for what I do not know though). Everything we have has a purpose and even things like duct tape can be harmful if used to tie someone up - so my issue isn't with marijauna being right or wrong, or legal or illegal, but there must be a price that is paid to the spirit of the user that goes beyond relaxation and self medication. How do you think it affects the user in the long run?

Barb from Calgary

FOLLOW-UPa Dear Barb from Calgary:

Thank you for the e-mail. It was very well said with a lot of thought. I appreciate that.

I agree that the drugs create a high by lowering negative energy, which in turn create an energy debt to the user. Wonderful example with the surgery and drug. . as I do believe that 'purity of intent' are crucial in whatever we do.

At the same time, while I was hiking this weekend I walked past huge patches of poison ivy. The poison ivy is not for my direct purpose but exists to serve the wildlife in that they feed on the poison ivy for survival. There are some things on the planet that are not for human use. While at the same in homeopathic remedies and using the Law of Similar's, if someone gets contact dermatitis from poison ivy, then using the homeopathic remedy 'poison ivy' which is in fact 'poison ivy' will help heal it.

To answer your question as to how it affects the user in the long run, again I believe 'purity of intent' will dictate that negative or positive outcome.

Denadagohvyu and a Bazillion Blessings~ Dr. Standley

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