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JULY 2015

All horoscopes on this website should 'never' be found on
any other website as they are all personally written by me
(Dr. Loretta Standley) exclusively for this website.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 22)



June 21, 2015 at 12:38 PM EDT until
July 22, 2015 11:31 PM EDT

First I will address the Sun in Cancer and then the final few paragraphs will be how it pertains to your Sun Sign. It is important to undertand how the energy of the Sun operates under various conditions (Sun Signs) so that you can better understand how it will operate in your own Life.

Everybody has Cancer in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Cancer, you still have Cancer somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Cancer lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

Notice that the glyph for Cancer represents what appears to be a 69. Actually this represents the breasts with arms wrapped around the body. This is because Cancer is the most nurturing sign, represents the breasts, mother, home and family. Cancer's also dig in the sand; therefore Cancer's are natural-born gardeners. Because Cancer's represent the home, they are also patriotic in defending their home country. They are the natural rulers of the 4th house of home, family, domestic affairs, land, natural resources, ecology, gardening, landscaping, real estate, property, the biological and psychological foundation, the mother and childhood. They are excellent caretakers.

Cancer's are intuitive, patient, tenacious, conscientious, economical, domestic, maternal, kind, devoted, nurturing, versatile, sociable, sympathetic and patriotic. They are also protective, tenacious, moody, emotionally sensitive and watery with strong roots. They can also be overly protective, unwilling to let go, timid and reclusive.

This Cancer energy has the motto of, "I feel therefore I am." Folks, this is 'extremely sensitive' energy. All too often this energy is channeled inappropriately into emotional feelings and moods instead of intuitive feelings and gut instincts. Oh this is so juicy I can hardly stand how truly exciting it is for all of you once you get, the get. 'The get' is realizing the difference between the mischannel and the appropriate channel. When this energy is channeled inappropriately it is very easy to detect because this is the sign that takes everything very personal. Example -- this would be like telling a Cancer Sun Sign how something bothers you and then the Cancer Sun Sign says, "I don't do that." Well, you didn't say the person did do that (whatever it is) but yet they take your words personal as if you were talking about them. Oh that's so sensitive!

Cancer has a naturally defensive posture when you think about it. Symbolized by the crab, when it comes out of its shell, it will dance across the sand in a back and forth motion. One wrong move and up on its hind legs it will go and the pinchers will prepare to strike. It doesn't take much to get a crab to defend its home turf. This is the same way Cancer the Sun Sign is with their family. While Cancer may be the first person in the family to bad mouth a family member, no one else better say anything bad about that family member. Certainly this could be a true statement for any Sun Sign but the intensity of it is stronger with Cancer. In fact, Cancer will defend a family member so strongly that they would probably even take the rap and go to jail for another family member. Protecting their domestic security, home and family, mean everything to them. In fact, the home is so important to a Cancer that it would be hard to find a Cancer who isn't set on owning their own home. They need to own a home like a Gemini needs a phone, Taurus needs exquisite tasting food and a Capricorn needs a job.

Cancer energy also tends to over-share their emotional baggage. There are just some things that should be on a 'need to know' basis instead of telling everyone you know. Mercury is in Cancer during the entire time the Sun is in Cancer and solidifies the need to keep family secrets, SECRET! Cancer's are extremely attracted to 'kindness,' which could be their downfall because a seemingly kind person may not have Cancer's best interest at heart. This kindness can make Cancer spill the beans. Cancer is easily moved and manipulated by kindness. Remember this about yourself because somewhere in your Natal Chart you do have Cancer and this tendency will likely show up in the area of your personal natal chart where Cancer resides.

Cancer is most definitely a very materialistic sign, which is much different than the materialistic signs of Capricorn and Taurus. Cancer is attracted to materialism in a sentimental way. This could be attaching to gifts that were given to them or through family heirlooms, memoribilia, nostalgia, antiques and the like. Cancer is the hoarder and accumulator of the zodiac. This is also a form of security as they have all of their comforts around them at all times and typically on display. They are collectors of collectibles. Cancer's LOVE garage sales where they go to others homes and pick through their personal things. Those pinchers want to dig and grab, which is also why Cancer is the gardner and landscaper of the zodiac. It is also Cancer who will go through your medicine cabinet. They just can't help it because they were born to dig in the sand and root around.

Cancer does have a tough exterior, which can easily be seen by their exo-skeleton (skeleton on the outside of the body). Their exterior is hard but their interior is soft and mushy. Cancer can Love almost too much, to the point of putting up with bad behavior from their partner, to Loving dangerously like O.J. Simpson. Just remember, too much of a Good thing . . . isn't. There are probably more Cancer's who put up with bad partner behavior than any other sign.

Back to "I feel therefore I am." With so many planets in Cancer right now, including Jupiter in Cancer, this is the best time to work on channeling your feelings into intuition rather than channeled into an emotional freak show. That is a 'tough sell' for a Cancer who has a 'tough shell' and who is driven by their emotions wearing their heart on their sleeve, but it must be done. Everyone is going to have to work on their level of sensitivity and learn how 'not to' take everything so personal, especially where Cancer resides in your personal natal chart. Just remember when you are taking things personal, then you are missing the intuitive hit.

The Sun in Cancer is trine (easy and effortless energy) your 9th house of the higher-thinking mind, religion, college, higher education, brothers and sisters-in-law, philosophy, prophecy, philanthropy, all things "foreign", intuition, long distance journeys abroad, churches, airlines, vacations, international commerce, dreams, visions and teachers.

You may run into more foreigners right now than you have in the recent past. Keep in mind when you run into foreigners, foreign language films, foreign food or anything else that is foreign to you, this is because your mind and perspectives are expanding further than your homeland. You may suddenly seek a more spiritual understanding of the world around you. You may be asking yourself why a certain circumstance is happening to you and what you are suppose to learn from it. The thought, "Everything happens for a reason," may come to your mind.

This aspect will be teaching more about philosophy and subjects that are foreign to you. The great thing about this is you will be in a position to understand and comprehend more complex subjects. This is the house of higher education and you may contemplate, seek and find seminars or lectures that will expand your views. If you are involved in a court case or legal battle, it is best you settle out of court. Scroll down to read your Mercury Opportunity.

The flow for your Solar Chart (your Sun Sign) is -- Scorpio would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Sagittarius 2nd house, Capricorn 3rd house, Aquarius 4th house, Pisces 5th house, Aries 6th house, Taurus 7th house, Gemini 8th house, Cancer 9th house - Sun in Cancer, Leo 10th house, Virgo 11th house and Libra 12th house. Read more about How Horoscopes Are Written Here! For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

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April 30, 2015 at 10:00 PM EDT until
July 8, 2015 at 2:52 PM EDT

Mercury stands for the intellect, common sense, cold reason, commerce and business. Its qualities are fluidity and versatility. Its position and aspects tell us about our communication and learning habits and our modes of thinking. The house that Mercury occupies in your Natal Chart is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

First I will write about Mercury in Gemini and then the last couple of paragraphs will be about how it impacts your sign. Remember from the above paragraph, Mercury rules the mind, how we communicate and our reasoning power. Mercury is in its 'home placement' in Gemini because Mercury naturally rules Gemini, making this its strongest placement.

Mercury in Gemini is pure rational and logical reasoning. Gemini is the brainiac of the zodiac, so Mercury in Gemini brings about scientific and factual thought. You may hear the words, "That makes sense" quite a bit during this transit. Things have to make sense for this placement or they can not be sold. In other words, Mercury in Gemini can be a hard sell if the product or item does not make any logical sense to them. Mercury in Gemini is crazy about thinking so the more complex, the better the mind wrestle. For writers, this is the perfect time to release new writing or give a speech.

Gemini naturally rules the nervous system, so with Mercury moving through Gemini this will create a sensitivity to the nervous system. External stimulation is processed quickly and intensely. In fact, the more stimulation the better. Gemini is quite capable of entertaining two completely different thoughts at once, like watching TV and listening to the radio at the same time.

This placement is an extremely curious placement, which could easily cause you to bite off more than you can chew. It would be like loading up a flimsy paper plate with heavy food. Something is bound to fall off and get wasted. Make certain you do not spread yourself too thin during this transit. Those who have Mercury in Gemini in their natal chart may have problems dividing their time into several projects, which normally comes fairly easy to a full blown Sun in Gemini individual. This would be the individual who takes on so many projects that they are all half complete fulfilling the Gemini saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none."

Make certain you do not run your mouth on and on and on about trivial nonsense. Others will become easily bored and annoyed with the incessant talking. All too often Mercury in Gemini rattles on and on just to fill in the moments of silence. Listening and silence are Good things under this sign. Mercury in Gemini has a tendency to talk so much that they forget what they were talking about in the first place. "Uhhhh, what was I saying?" Since I am a Gemini, although I do not have Mercury in Gemini in my personal natal chart, I can see me writing an incredible amount of information during this time, so for that, I'm jazzed!

This is an exceptionally long transit for Mercury in Gemini, which is due to the fact that Mercury will turn Retrograde for three weeks on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 9:50 PM EDT and will not turn Direct until Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6:33 PM EDT. Then Mercury will move forward in degrees once again changing signs on July 8, 2015.

Mercury in Gemini is moving through your 8th house of transformation, sex, legacies, insurance, spouse or partner's money and other people's money, spirituality, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, wills, surgeries, and astral experiences.

There is a heightened focus toward the use of other people's money during this time. You have an opportunity to couple up on joint ventures or negotiate a deal where you are able to use other people's money as an investment. Profound and mystical insight comes to you during this time where you contemplate living your Life to the fullest. Something said to you in the recent past suddenly starts making sense. Someone will tell you something that impacts the way you think. It's all Good! When you get that intuitive message, you will need to act on it in order to grab the opportunity. Jealousy, insecurity and sex may be on your brain. Scroll down to read your Venus Opportunity.

The flow for your Solar Chart (your Sun Sign) is -- Scorpio would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Sagittarius 2nd house, Capricorn 3rd house, Aquarius 4th house, Pisces 5th house, Aries 6th house, Taurus 7th house, Gemini 8th house - Mercury in Gemini, Cancer 9th house, Leo 10th house, Virgo 11th house and Libra 12th house. Read more about How Horoscopes Are Written Here! For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

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Phone Reading with Dr. Standley



June 5, 2015 at 11:33 AM EDT until
July 18, 2015 at 6:38 PM EDT

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The Venus glyph is the upright symbol of Mars, where Venus is feminine (yin) energy and Mars is masculine (yang) energy. It is represented by the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. It represents the spirit overcoming matter through Love. Venus is the yin side of our emotional nature and rules Love, beauty, harmony, affection, appreciation, sensual, vanity, flirtatious, art, music and aesthetics. Venus is the estrogen in the chart. The house that Venus occupies in your Natal Chart is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

First let's talk about the meaning of Venus in the sign of Leo and then the last couple of paragraphs will pertain to your sign. Venus is the planet of Love, romance, pleasure, relationships, self-worth, dignity and all things beautiful. Venus is like the Greek root phil- or philo- which means to have a Love of or strong affinity for. So when you think of Venus in your personal natal chart think "Love of" whatever sign is involved. Venus in Leo means Love of Life because Leo is naturally ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the Giver of Life. Typically Leo's are very uncomfortable talking about death or especially contemplating their own end of Life because the Sun, which rules Leo is the Giver of Life. The sign of Leo shines their sunny disposition on the world bringing it to Life just like a the Sun shining on flowers. Everything always grows in the direction of the Sun. I think the motto for a Leo should be, "I Love Life therefore I am." Leo naturally rules the 5th house of dating, intimacy, one-on-one connections, fun, pleasure, the playground, joy, bliss, creativity, pro-creation, children and child-like behavior. As you can see, God has put Leo in charge of His playground and His children. This is why Leo's are so expressive, animated and bright in how they show up on the scene. It's like a Light is turned on when a Leo walks into the room. Head's turn toward the Light, just like a flower grows toward the Sun.


Leo is ruled by the biggest heavenly body, the Sun, which is probably why their ego is so big. Leo's have a lot of pride, which is interesting because a social group of lions is called a pride. One thing Leo's absolutely have to do is remain humble because they have to be able to relate to the children. Puffing up and standing big over someone is the absolute wrong thing to do. Leo's must humble themselves to relate to their audience, children, group or pride. If they hurt 'the pride' they will get 'their pride' hurt. Wherever Leo is in your personal natal chart this is where you will need to be admired and appreciated the most. Mark my words on that!

Leo is also the royalty of the zodiac, queen/king of the jungle. Leo's enjoy lavish parties and social gatherings and do not mind being the center of attention. There will be some Leo's who absolutely do not want to be the center of attention but somehow they will be, even if they work behind the scenes. I liken this to a film director or producer who isn't necessarily on stage but still wins the ultimate accolade called, "Oscar!" Leo's enjoy decorating their space lavishly and should have nothing but the best, especially if there is gold or gems associated with it.

It is important to note that Venus in Leo can really dramatize emotions so we will likely seek movies and/or surround ourselves with people who are rather dramatic. In fact, this transit is so dramatic that movies that star Oscar winning actors and actresses may reappear on cable, satellite or movie rentals.

Leo is also the ruler of the 5th house of children, so we may see the spotlight on children. Actually, we may also see in the news more stories on children being saved, found, protected and cured under this transit. Leo the Lion is the protector of children and no one messes with children when a Leo is around, especially when there is a fondness for children like Venus in Leo.

Venus in Leo is incredibly romantic and affectionate. Remember that Leo is naturally ruled by the Sun, the sign of the sunny disposition and giver of Life and Venus is all gooey, affectionate and romantic. Venus is musically inclined and it's artsy. Chances are everyone will be invited to some sort of lavish gathering or party during this transit and my suggestion is to accept the invitation and make certain you show up. Prima donnas will come out of the woodwork but that's okay, they can't help it because they are just living out their chart. Who knows, maybe you will be the prima donna in the crowd seeking to be the center of attention.

Leo is all about sincerity and loyalty. Leo's on not only loyal, they absolutely require loyalty in return but you have to be worthy of that kind of loyalty.

Anyone who has Venus in Leo in their personal natal chart will need their partner to look Good at all times. They want a partner they can be 'proud' of and how off. Venus in Libra is the same way but it is more about the person taking care of themselves than it is being a sense of pride as it is for Venus in Leo. Even though Venus in Leo wants their partner to look great at all times, that partner will still need to give enough attention to the Venus in Leo or they will get jealous. And I mean really 'roaring' jealous.

Venus in Leo is squaring (challenging) your 10th house of career, status, recognition, fame, standing in the community, mother and public Life.

Venus is figuring prominently in your 10th house of career and public Life. This means that you have a magnetic presence about you in the public eye and in your career. If you are an employee, your boss and others in authority will notice you in a favorable Light. If you are even remotely thinking of opening a new business, expanding your business or asking for a raise, this is the time to do it.

Since Venus rules Love and beauty, if you are single, there is a strong possibility that you may meet a prospective romantic partner through your work during this time. Even if the relationship does not blossom until after Venus moves into the next sign on February 21st, the important thing is making the connection before February 21st because Venus is dealing the energy. In other words, you may meet someone and not realize it until later that you met them during this time. This person may be older, wealthier and have some power in their career. Scroll down to read your Mars Opportunity.

For all Scorpio's, Venus affects your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting as you can see from the flow of your Solar (Sun Sign) Chart below. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

The flow for your Solar Chart (your Sun Sign) is -- Scorpio would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Sagittarius 2nd house, Capricorn 3rd house, Aquarius 4th house, Pisces 5th house, Aries 6th house, Taurus 7th house, Gemini 8th house, Cancer 9th house, Leo 10th house - Venus in Leo, Virgo 11th house and Libra 12th house. Read more about How Horoscopes Are Written Here! For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here!

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June 24, 2015 at 9:33 AM EDT until
August 8, 2015 at 7:32 PM EDT